Solar PV Show Vietnam gathers local and international solar energy expertise into one place for two days of research, discovery and real business.  At this event, you will have the opportunity to get face-to-face with experts of the solar energy, energy storage and/or smart grids sector like:

  • Manufacturers, Systems providers & services providers

  • Utilities, Solar Power Generators & Developers

  • Rooftop Solar Distributors & commercial and Industrial Energy Users

  • Investors and Financiers

Solar PV Show Vietnam will give you the chance to share your knowledge and bring you face-to-face with new trends, the latest technology & solutions, and project information. 


Don’t miss out this rare opportunity and visit Solar PV Show Vietnam.

SVV2022 Strategic Summit

Open to  Summit Delegates 

27-28 October
09.30am - 05.00pm

Solar PV Revolution Hub

Open to all registered visitors

27 October
09.30am - 04.30pm

SSV2022 Exhibition

Open to all registered visitors

27-28 October
 10.00am - 05.00pm

C&I Solar Projects Road Show

Open to all registered visitors

28 October
09.30am - 04.30pm


Who You will Meet With

Vietnam is the largest market for renewable energy in the South East Asia region. In Solar PV Show Vietnam you will be able to meet key stakeholders in the ASEAN Solar industry.


SSV2022 Strategic Summit & Revolution Hub

Our SSV2022 Strategic Summit along with  exhibition hall C&I Solar Projects Roadshowand Solar PV Revolution Hub reflect the need for an end to end approach.

These sessions will feature content presented by industry experts and focus on the practical implementation of solutions needed to meet the strategic imperatives being driven by the ongoing solar energy transition.


Networking Opportunities 

At an event with over 3,000 renewable energy professionals, how do you use your time as efficiently as possible?

Solar PV Show Vietnam, as part of Vietnam Clean Energy Week, provides many networking opportunities in both the exhibition hall and networking lounge.