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White Paper: Renewables Asset Management in Vietnam and ASEAN

The market of ASEAN's renewable energy has a sea change in 2019, which Vietnam becomes the largest market in Southeast Asia. There was a capacity of about 4.1GW that is the solar energy project, to be commissioned in Vietnam until June 2019. Therefore, an efficient asset management solution is essential for renewable energy plant's owners, which could not only improve the generating efficiency but also increase the advantage of financing due to better control of stations by asset owners.

In order to shed light on the field of Renewable asset management and help the market place an emphasis on the role of asset management, we would like to introduce the while paper: Renewables Assets Management in Vietnam in order to provide the potential need with the market.
It integrates the concepts of asset management from a  full perspective including the current misunderstanding and the significance of it. We hope this white paper will contribute to promoting the cognition of asset management and really inspire the players in ASEAN market to manage their assets in a more sustainable and productive way, for a more environmental friendly Vietnam.


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