5 mins

Opening Words by Chair Person

10 mins

Welcome Keynote Address by MOIT

10 mins

Welcome keynote address by EVN

10 mins

Welcome Keynote Address by Ministry of Finance

50 mins

Panel: Industrial leaders’ gathering: key issues in completing 8.93GW in-pipeline solar farms

You can hear various voices from the leading utility-scale players through the whole solar PV industry chain to discuss on the landscape, market outlook, financing & investment trends and estimated effects of latest policies & regulations on the industry growth.

Coffee Break

50 mins

Panel: Seizing the opportunities in Vietnam’s Rooftop Solar market

The session gathers leading rooftop solar developers and investors in this country to discuss on:

  • Main drivers of Rooftop solar projects for roof owners

  • Roof renting contact vs PPA between developers and owners

  • Other concerns of owners, developers, and investors

  • Market forecast after FIT2

50 mins

Panel: Regional Tops’ involvement and lessons learnt from them

Increasing number of regional tops are swarming into Vietnam’s solar PV market; the most featured of them will be under one roof to discuss on how they are supporting the industry in Vietnam as ASEAN partners and present on their valuable experience from the previous project portfolio.


50 mins

Panel: Prospects of Corporate’s Renewable Energy Sourcing

Solar power buying from corporates are one of the hottest issues, as the DPPA is rapidly moving forward in this country. The session gathers a selection of corporate consumers and energy solution providers, who have been involved in this kind of projects, to present on:

  • Business models of corporate sourcing and which ones are most feasible in Vietnam

  • Which sector of companies in Vietnam will be involved most?

  • What challenges corporations and power suppliers will mainly face?

  • Any available cost-effective solutions to simplify the transaction procedures?

Coffee Break

50 mins

Panel: Integrating more solar farms into national grid with stronger infrastructure

As rapidly growing numbers of solar farms are connected, the national grid is more likely to be overcrowded and less reliable due to existing weak transmission infrastructure. Vietnam’s national utility EVN and a few leading project owners as well as network solution providers are together to discuss on how to smoothly go forward energy transition with qualified grid connection.

  • Identify the characteristics of solar power generation

  • What kinds of additional infrastructures are most feasible? Grid system upgrade or synchronous condenser?

  • Estimate the needed capacity if all the announced renewable farms are completed.

  • EVN has any plan to improve the situation?

50 mins

Panel: Financial risk mitigation of solar projects

Learn from the major bankers and financiers in the market to identify, avoid or mitigate the project-related risks.

Closing Words by Chair Person

1.5 hours

Awards & Gala Dinner (Invited)

Join Solar PV Show Vietnam's Awards & Gala Dinner at the charming HCMC venue and continue networking with your industry peers


Open to: Registered delegates


Dress:  Business casual

In Partnership with Women in Renewables Asia
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